Erika Woldman Hecht | Market Ascent Founder

Erika Woldman Hecht | Market Ascent Founder

If you want to accelerate and elevate your business and shorten the path to sustained market leadership, Market Ascent is ready to partner with you. For over 25 years, Market Ascent Founder Erika Woldman Hecht has been partnering with companies to develop and implement business strategies that enable them to grow faster, wiser and lead their markets. She has taken her experience and packaged it into a proprietary process that saves clients time while putting them on a direct path to achieving desired outcomes.

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The Market Ascent Accelerator

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Benefits Include

Business Growth Clarity • Better Prospects • Shorter Sales Cycles • Faster & More Predictable Growth • Higher Profits • A Shorter Path to Industry Leadership

Program Overview

Gain the strategies, actions and support you need to enable you in shortening your path to sustained industry leadership using our modular, three stage framework. The system is tailored to what you need and starts with your most pressing problems. Ignite your Market Ascent!

Our Accelerate. Elevate. Dominate.® Framework includes:

Stage One – Accelerating Growth: Business Strategy and Your Story

Identify the right business strategies, strengthen the value you offer, gain clarity on how to accelerate revenue, and boost your ability to attract the right customers and maximize prospect interactions.

Stage Two – Elevating Sales

Strengthen your sales process by shortening sales cycles, closing more deals and creating a content and lead-generation machine.

Stage Three – Dominating Your Market

Determine market leader opportunities, build trust with your audiences, drive brand engagement, create an iconic brand or ignite a movement.

What People Are Saying


“Market Ascent played a key role in our efforts to elevate Camo Analytics from a products company to a solutions company, which played a significant role in our being acquired by a billion dollar Industrial-AI software company. Market Ascent delivered several wins for Camo in a short amount of time.”


Raman Bhatnagar, CEO, Camo Analytics

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