Erika Woldman Hecht | Market Ascent Founder

Erika Woldman Hecht | Market Ascent Founder

If you want to accelerate and elevate your business and shorten the path to sustained market leadership, Market Ascent is ready to partner with you. For over 25 years, Market Ascent Founder Erika Woldman Hecht has been partnering with companies to develop and implement business strategies that enable them to grow faster, wiser and lead their markets. She has taken her experience and packaged it into a proprietary process that saves clients time while putting them on a direct path to achieving desired outcomes.

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Market Ascent Advisor
& Accelerator Workshops


Fast-track business growth with our Market Ascent Advisor services. Our experts stand out with our 2-to-10x growth focus and an emphasis on strategy, marketing and sales acceleration, and organizational thought leadership.

Our Accelerator Workshops are another way we provide advisory services to shorten your path to faster business growth.

Market Ascent Advisor

Market Ascent Advisor

Gain access to one of our strategy, marketing or communications advisors to provide guidance, insights, tools and frameworks in the areas where you need expertise most.

Accelerator Workshops:

Jumpstart your Market Ascent with one of our strategy-infused, interactive workshops.

  • Strategic planning – We guide you in setting business strategies, goals and bold actionable plans to propel your business forward.
  • Story Advantage – Stop wasting sales cycles. Strengthen your value proposition and attract ideal prospects.
  • Leading with Thought Leadership – Expand your thinking and define your area of thought-leadership.

Does This Sound Like Your Organization?

  • We need more customers, but we don’t know how to reach them.
  • We want to build credibility, trust and value with decision-makers and influencers — faster.
  • We don’t focus on strategy, but we do have a long list of underperforming tactics.
  • My marketing and sales teams are busy, yet we remain dissatisfied with our growth.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.

What People Are Saying


“Market Ascent helped shape our vision and brought it to life as we launched our new pharmaceutical business unit.”


David Leitham, Senior Vice President and
General Manager, Aspen Technology

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