Marketing Acceleration Engagements

This is a signature service we offer to help our clients grow better.  We use a proprietary methodology that involves:  provoking and expanding new thinking; conducting assessment and analysis; and leveraging marketing accelerators. The marketing accelerators that factor into the Market Ascent Acceleration Model ™ are sometimes overlooked, sometimes used in silos, and sometimes not fully realized for the growth potential that they can offer.

Program Design

Launch new initiatives strategically and with your end goals in mind. We can help you design programs that consider your objectives, the market environment, the resources you have, and key marketing accelerators.

Customer Strategy

Map out your customer acquisition, retention, and overall growth strategies, and increase short and long-term profitability.  We can help you assess and evolve your current strategies as well as develop customer marketing plans that nurture and grow profitable customer relationships.

Customer And Channel Feedback

Collect and analyze feedback from your customers and channel partners on your offerings, their needs, and their experiences with you.

Market Research And Analysis

Enable more accurate decision-making with market research and analysis that provides you with insights on opportunities to pursue, audiences to target, and risks to avoid.

Positioning And Messaging

Go-to-market with differentiated and persuasive messaging.  Our services  include message development, collecting customer, prospect, channel and partner feedback, market testing, and conducting internal and external communication audits.

Buyer Personas And Account Profiling

Know your target audiences and shorten your sales cycles.  We work with clients to develop buyer personas and target account profiles before developing go-to-market plans.

Content And Buyer Education Strategies

Benefit from our deep expertise working in the online learning, education, and technology fields to ensure your content strategy is engaging and educates and convert your audiences.

Marketing Plan Development

We’ll collaborate with you and then deliver plans that map back to your marketing and business objectives.  Our development process can include discussions with executive management, customers, your sales force, and your channel partners.  We also assess, leverage, add to, and optimize your existing plans where we can during this process.

eLearning Program Effectiveness

Whether you are educating external audiences online, or furthering the knowledge of your employees, we can assess learning effectiveness and help with content development and communications to fill in gaps and further engagement and learning effectiveness.

Return On Marketing Investment Assessments

Measure and quantify your return on your marketing efforts.  We help clients evaluate their marketing mix, marketing results, and marketing ROI and provide guidance on how and where to optimize resources, results, and marketing spend.